As we are prominent to quality, we ensure good quality of raw material by interaction with suppliers. We carry out process of inspection. Finally each of our transformers is subjected to routine test with ultra advanced equipment viz. No load loss, Full load loss, Double voltage frequency, High voltage, Impedance measurement, OIL BDV etc. This attitude helps us to keep field failures practically zero percent.

As per new developments in Designing and Technology,raw material procurement,manufacturing process and quality systems we get our Transformers tested from Authentic Institutes in India like CPRI\ERDA. These transformers are tested on sample basis for SHORT CIRCUIT TEST and IMPULSE TEST. Our product range starts from  11/22/33/0.433KV, 25KVA To 2.5MVA,oil immersed distribution Transformer as per BIS Standard. We are confident of meeting your requirement of distribution Transformers. We promise to satisfy each of you by a quality and genuine workmanship.


The proper life management of transformers requires a variety of information about the transformer’s condition, which cannot be provided by one test alone. Testing recommendations vary through the life of a transformer and relate to the circumstances under which the testing is being performed.

  • The transformer manufactured by company are tested and certified by with various tests.

  • Measurement of voltage ratio.

  • Measurement of insulation resistance.

  • Measurement of no load losses and magnetizing current.

  • Induced over voltage test.

  • Checking of vector group and polarity.

  • Separate source high voltage with standing test.

  • Measurement of load losses and impedance voltage.

  • Measurement of winding resistance.

  • Measurement of zero sequence impedance.

  • Temperature rise test transformer tank.

  • Pressure and vacuum testing of transformer tank.

  • Checking dielectric strength of transformer oil.